A paradigm shift.

You thought you knew trading. You thought your current indicator was the sauce. ARmageddon will open your eyes and it'll open them wide.

ARmageddon's proprietary Active Reconnaissance signal processing engine alerts traders using clever visualizations on the chart that would allow even the most inexperienced traders to closely estimate the probability of a trend continuation or a reversal at a glance.

Take a good look at this impossible range pictured below, on the one hour chart and see where could've bought/went long while knowing exactly when to exit and how to put a proper stop loss that we also teach as part of the system. 

If you're a power scalper, how much money would have made trading these reversal signals on 5x leverage buying when others are selling? You'd outperform 95% of traders.

Dynamic entry and exit confirmation indications give traders plenty of time to prepare to open and close positions in profit with pin-point accuracy.  ARmageddon is able to successfully navigate the so-called "no-trade zones" with ease, gifting you high-probability reversal signals inside ranging "chops" otherwise known as "ranging market environment", where most traders and their indicators lose money almost 100% of the time.

You will also be taught how to trade inside the so-called Equilibrium Zones. They are highly liquid stop-loss cluster areas that trigger instant reversals for high-beta assets like bitcoin. For traditional markets, such as forex and stocks, we use this configuration to scan the market for "mood" giving us a clear picture of a trend at a glance. 

Not a naked indicator.

There are four strategies that complete ARmageddon and are referred to as

Market EnemyJackrabbitPunchout and Dragonskin.

  • Market Enemy - Buy and sell at absolute wicks using ME Type-1 Strategy. Perfect for intraday trades. Replicable.
  • ME Type-2 aka Jackrabbit - For power scalpers. Real professional scalping methods with entry, exit, stop loss rules.
  • Dragonskin - Late trend participation made easy. Great for trend-followers and momentum traders. Limit orders only.
  • Punchout - The real break-out strategy for those who have no fear. Entry, exit, stop loss techniques with scaled orders.

These are proven, exclusive industry-insider strategies that have never been shared anywhere else before CR brought it to light as part of the MarketSpy system (with the exception of the enhanced Punchout breakout strategy). Those of you working for prop-firms may recognize certain aspects of the strategies, at least partially. And for the rest, it'll be something new.

They're all backed a number of strict and appropriate rules – fully focused on money management and risk exposure control.

You will soon rediscover what profitable trading is really all about. The MarketSpy system's competition is non-existent in the retail trading space and can challenge even the most sophisticated of systems used by professional analysts and traders today.

There's a lot more to ARmageddon and you will learn it all inside of our trading community.

No more emotional trading. go pro.