Do you accept credit or debit card payments?

Yes, through PayPal.

What advantages does MarketSpy offer over other indicators?

MarketSpy TradingSuite is not a typical buy/sell indicator that you often see but rather a complete trading system. It has a set of replicable rules that dictate optimal entries, exits, stop losses, risk and position management. Indicators simply supply you with a buy/sell signals and you're left on your own from there. MarketSpy does more than that - it clearly defines how one should execute their trades. There are a total of 6 strategies that come with MarketSpy and each is responsible for different types of traders: Momentum scalper, Intraday Swing trader, Breakout trader, Trend follower and more. It's the ultimate edge for both the inexperienced and the more advanced traders that are looking to learn a real trading system and replace or enhance their current trading methods with something fresh and functional.

Do I need to be good at trading before using MarketSpy?

Experience definitely helps but is not required. If you're just starting out, then MarketSpy may very well end up being your first and last system you'll ever need. It will easily outperform most other solutions available to traders commercially today. The strategies are its strongest suit and you'll be able to master them within the first few months of trading.

How fast can I make back what I pay for this system?

We've had one trader who made his first trade right after purchasing MarketSpy with a balance of about ~$650 and was up to $4000 in the first three months, with proper risk management and by following the rules. Another was able to fully recover their negative portfolio in under two months. These reports are found in our Discord community forum where traders share their trades. In the end it will of course depend on your risk appetite/frequency of response to MarketSpy signals as well as the size of your working capital. Starting slow is essential as your confidence grows in the first few weeks with MarketSpy. Also, if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

Do you have a community I can be a part of?

Yes. MarketSpy traders have access to exclusive forums in our discord where they can happily interact with other members and share their trade ideas. There's even a channel called #trade-review where you can ask for a second opinion before acting on your trade. This is better than all of TradingView price prediction channels combined. The noise is minimal and the added value of having access to such a great community of spies is nice.

Can MarketSpy be used for scalping?

MarketSpy is scalper's paradise. The strategy called MarketEnemy type-2 or Jackrabbit is possibly the fastest way to make money. Scalping is the most difficult style of trading and requires precision with entries, exits and stop losses. Together with BybitPro personal trade assistant, scalping is finaly easy, enjoyable and profitable. 

Is it only for Bitcoin trading?

Our discord community, called Cryptopocalypse Now is narrowly focused on trading bitcoin derivatives with leverage. We are not covering other markets...yet. However we have successful forex and stock traders that use MarketSpy to understand market mood and use this information to make better trade decisions. Every market is different and requires a different approach. Focusing just on Bitcoin only can teach you so much more about trading in general. But go ahead and use MarketSpy with your market of choice - you'll still achieve the same win rate as with bitcoin leverage trading!

How long do I have to wait after paying to get access?

Your profile and indicator access on would be activated in under 24h.

Do I get access to The Platoon VIP group with MarketSpy?

No. The Platoon is not included with your MarketSpy purchase. However, you still get access to the MarketSpy traders community channel which is focused specifically on trading chart setups with our system. Lots of friendly traders and analysts in there to interact with! Plus we host live trading sessions called "bootcamps" that dramatically enhance your experience with MarketSpy. 

What else do I need to trade with MarketSpy?

All you need is a account (free or pro) and register with our partner exchange if you intend to trade Bitcoin with BybitPro Personal Trade Assistant. Which you really should.

Is Bybit Pro included with MarketSpy?

Yes, for a limited time only! You can purchase BybitPro separately but it is included with your MarketSpy! You have no idea how powerful this combo is. It'll open your eyes and you get it for free with MS. You also benefit from having access to tutorials and strategies for BybitPro - another added bonus that you're sure to enjoy.

Are there tutorials and strategies that I can use to study?

Yes, as member you'll get the training you need. There's a knowledge base, a quick start guide and the most powerful of all - community guidance.

Can I pay with other crypto besides Bitcoin?

You can easily convert your other crypto to Bitcoin.

Do I qualify for future updates with my purchase?

All future updates and upgrades will apply to your subscription. Markets change, why should your system stay outdated? We've had 7 major updates already which puts MarketSpy in a league of its own. 

I would like to earn passively with MarketSpy, do you have an affiliate program?

You can join our awareness campaign and become an affiliate promoting MarketSpy. Contact us to apply or become an affiliate through your user dashboard if you're already a member and using MS.

What's the quickest way to find support if I'm stuck?

Our Discord community is the place to be. We have many users that can help you out and guide along if you ever need quick help.

Can I teach MarketSpy system as my business?

If you're interested in getting the certification needed to start your own teaching program with MarketSpy, please contact via email for details.

Why so expensive? I can buy Joedicator for half that!

Consider the costs of trading with any other indicator that has no solid rules, is based on outdated models, has no strategies to back up the signals, okays you to use market orders (3 trades with decent size and there goes your $1000 in exchange fees) and the founders are simply laptop coders that learned to push buy/sell buttons based on legacy course material that's freely available on the internet and you quickly begin realize how what we're offering is pennies compared to what you've been losing for months trading traditionally - that you could've been mitigating risk and earning with MarketSpy instead. You get what you pay for, but not even. We're offering more than just an "indicator". Many were on the fence just like you, but they made that life-changing decision and are now trading with confidence and consistency. Join our discord and ask around! You'll find our traders are a nice bunch of happy campers that have found their edge with MS.

Do you offer a trial? I need to compare it to my indicator.

MarketSpy oozes technology and methods not available anywhere else. It is not an indicator that requires a trial. It is a complete system with rules and strategies that redefines what trading is all about. It'll make you ditch everything you know about traditional book analysis together with your current edge that you may or may not have. Yes, that goes for our professional traders as well. MS simply works and outperforms everything else that's offered commercially today. There was  a point in time when we thought we had competition. MarketSpy proved us wrong there too. Those that trialed it before (when we did give out trials) ended up buying it the next day and they've been consistent since.

I have seen indicators that look similar and are free, what's the deal?

Dozens of quick-profit-seeking scammers have tried to copy our looks and mechanisms. They failed, of course, but perhaps succeeded at convincing naïve traders that they were able to replicate our proprietary "AR" signal processing engine - a testament to how well MarketSpy performs that others would go a great length to attempt to build replicas. No other indicator gets the attention that MS gets and it is all due to its successful market data interpretation that consistently churns in profitable trade setups. You can entrust your trading account to fakes and waste time figuring things out, that's none of our business - but know that MarketSpy is the original, one and only of its kind.

Will you teach me how to trade in general?

It won't be necessary. MarketSpy gifts you independence. It is recommended that you know how to use TradingView and have a few months of screen time with the charts. Platoon plan members have access to mentoring sessions and that is something that is suitable for more aggressive and career-oriented traders. For complete beginners, we run bootcamps that save you tons of time and make you a better trader than most. However with MarketSpy and our community, you'll quickly learn to "see" and study charts faster than you can place a limit order with BybitPro! Our bootcamps and video material will show you things you won't learn anywhere else. Not as powerful as 1-on-1, but you'll learn things that no one else ever talks about on the internet, that's for sure.

I'm ready, do I need TradingView pro for this? 

Not really. They offer slight benefits, but you get access to MarketSpy bitcoin alerts across all time frames and the free version allows you to load all three modules that MS comes with: ARmageddon, MSX and DSR. That's all you need.