When it comes to trading modern financial instruments, the majority are  betting on luck with poor legacy indicators and bots that promise the future but fail to deliver. They're costing traders thousands in losses or keep them stuck at break-even forever. You have just found a better way. 

MarketSpy TradingSuite™ is a revolution in discretionary trading systems that is changing the way professional and enthusiast daytraders navigate their favorite markets. 

You want profitable trade setups every day. You need a system with clearly-defined rules for entries, exits and stop-losses.

Crypto, forex, stocks, indices, commodities.

MarketSpy helps you turn price information into money-making investment decisions.

Low-risk, high-probability, noise-filtered trade signals and setups early across all time frames.

A set of exclusive methodologies for effective trade execution and position management.

Risk exposure control tools to help you easily navigate uncertainty and profit from ranges.



Blend in with market-makers.

Derived from quantitative algorithmic trading models, ARmageddon™ is your candlestick augmentation module that analyzes price action in real-time. Paired with MSX and DSR, it is responsible for producing a set of exclusive, proven strategies using its proprietary “AR” (Active Reconnaissance™) signal processing engine. Upon detecting a setup, it would alert traders to take a position before price moves in the direction of the projected setup. You work hard everyday, MarketSpy ARmageddon makes sure you don't waste your time zoning out at the screen.


Perfected momentum algorithm.

Building on the money-making “Magnificent 7” strategy at its core, our advanced trend-flow oscillator understands market momentum like no other. With its unmatched beauty and performance, MSX allows you to easily trade momentum, utilizing confluence from a specific set of indicators that were designed to work together for maximum readability and most importantly, reliability. Momentum players and reversal traders will never need to look for anything else ever again.


Support and resistance done right.

Draws support and resistance based on math, not human eye. This means that MS can go head to head with bots and see right through the market to show you points of interest where machines and humans sell and buy – includes key moving averages for scalping/swing trading, enhanced pivots that draw accurate support and resistance and much, much more. A complete system all on its own that can be used to accompany MSX and ARmageddon readings. With these three, you’re simply a better trader than most.

What if you could trade better than all bots available to retail traders today, executing trades just as fast  and without paying exchange fees*?


Your personal trade assistant.

 BybitPro by MarketSpy is a one-of-a-kind trading terminal designed to specifically integrate with MarketSpy TradingSuite™ and execute limit orders with lightning speed – and by doing so, it effectively turns you into a market maker where Bybit pays you 0.025% for every trade you make. Beat the exchange. Stay way ahead of the pack. Practice healthy trading habits with BybitPro and you will never have to pay another dollar in fees. It pays to be a pro.


MS TRADER I've been trading for about 2 years now. I've had MarketSpy for about a week now. As someone who used Market Cipher beforehand(which was very beneficial), I can honestly say with zero doubt that Market Spy Suite is hands-down better. With every new trading tool I use, I throw away money just to verify. In a week, I increased that throw away money by 212% by leverage scalping. It's almost too easy to swing trade and feel confident in entries but more importantly feeling very confident when to take profits, then see the retrace occur shortly after. Great product!

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