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Trade with confidence. Now you really have an edge.

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MarketSpy© Trading Indicator was crafted to report profitable trade setups, combining some of the worlds best-kept secret strategies, backed by research and expert traders’ input with over 10 years of full-time trading. It is an effective and highly reliable trend analysis system, with baked-in strategies not found anywhere else (no textbooks here) and can be used to trade any markets – under any conditions.

With guidance from professional traders – this is the ultimate edge that you’ve been searching for. With MarketSpy – you will re-discover what it means to be a profitable trader.

What is included?


Candle augmentation add-on that analyzes price action and is a confirmation companion to MSX. Can show confluence from top 10 industry-leading market indicators, generating visual signals – notifying you when prices are likely to change, helps you to profit in chop zones and is fully dynamic with entry/exit confirmation indications that reacts to market conditions in real-time. A one-of-a-kind indicator that alerts you when a key event of significance occurs on a chart so you don’t have to sit in front of you monitor all day.

MarketSpy X

Using the Magnificent 7 strategy at its core, this is the ultimate momentum algorithm oscillator that signals trend continuation. with its unmatched beauty and performance, MSX allows you to easily differentiate a trend change from a correction – providing specific entry, scaling and exit signals. Momentum players and reversal traders will never need to rely on anything else ever again. Trading with MSX is like cheating – or so we keep hearing from our users!

MarketSpy DSR

Draws support and resistance based on math, not human eye. This means that MS can go head to head with bots and see right through the market to show you points of interest where machines and humans sell and buy – includes key moving averages for scalping/swing trading, enhanced pivots that draw accurate support and resistance and much, much more. A complete system all on its own that can be used to accompany MSX and ARmageddon readings. With these three, you’ll trade in profit and better than the 95%.

Buy now and be on your way to profitable trading!

More Features

Fully Configurable

Wide range of options.
MarketSpy comes pre-configured to perform while giving you the flexibility to fine tune some of its parts to suit your needs.

Alertable Signals

Never miss an opportunity.
Get alerts sent to your phone from the most profitable signals and never miss an opportunity.

Unlimited Customizations

Make it your own.
Customize the looks or use our premium themes to highlight strategies. Beauty demands no sacrifice.

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