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Our partners are delighted to endorse the MarketSpy Trading System™, a leading tool for market analysis in Forex, Crypto, and other sectors. Many of our members have experienced significant improvements in their market analysis since incorporating MarketSpy. This system is globally recognized and highly regarded, utilized by a diverse range of users. MarketSpy simplifies the complexity of market trends, making it accessible regardless of one’s experience in the trading sector.

We invite you to join our mission in guiding traders towards more informed and profitable market analysis.

Affiliate Tiers

Earn a commission of up to 50% for every sale you make. We keep it simple and straighforward.

affiliate tier 1

Junior Ranger

Requeriments: 0 - 9 referrals
Comission per sale: 10%   

affiliate tier 2

Senior Ranger

Requeriments: 10 - 19 referrals
Comission per sale: 25%   

affiliate tier 3

Spy Ranger

Requeriments : >20 referrals
Comission per sale: 50%   


How does it work?

The MarketSpy affiliate program is open to everyone, not just MarketSpy traders. While having personal trading experience with MarketSpy can enhance your promotion, it is not a requirement. You can successfully promote MarketSpy based on its strong market reputation, positive user feedback, and our supportive community.
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affiliate tiers
#1 Apply 🤝

Joining our Partner Program is a swift and hassle-free process. Just click the link below to get started.

#2 Share 🫴

Post your MarketSpy affiliate link on social media and tell your friends to start earning.

#3 Earn! 💰

Earn up to 50% commission each time someone subscribes to MarketSpy using your affiliate link.

We look forward to working with you! But first, let's review some guidelines.

What makes a great partner?

Feel free to use any promotional materials in the partner area. You can also ask us for more branding resources if you need them.
Do not share your affiliate link on coupon, promo, or deal websites. Also, avoid using it on adult, dating, or any sites that feature illegal content.
Add your affiliate link to any content, review, or vendor comparison related to MarketSpy that showcases your personal opinion.
Avoid using «MarketSpy» in your domain name or personal branding.
Promote MarketSpy on your social media channels.
Refrain from sending your referral links in unsolicited email blasts.
Place approved MarketSpy banners on your site to generate more traffic.
Avoid referring your own account to earn commissions.

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MarketSpy Community

Got questions before joining? Or want to talk with people who've done well with us? Come join our Discord and meet our members.