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A closed-gate VIP community of like-minded traders that benefit from having access to high-probability directional trade signals for entries,  exits and active position management. We have been called the most respectful, cleanest,  professional group in the entire space. Less memes, more knowledge, more power, more profit.

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A percent a day keeps the fomo at bay! No AliExpress gucci purses and rented private jets. No selling of dreams of making millions per trade. No PnL photoshop. No pikers here.

We are The Platoon. We are few but stronger than most. We win because we protect the bag. We are your favorite trading group's favorite trading group. We treat trading as a business, not a casino. We have the lowest member turnover rate and we take pride in our community of some of the most intelligent, willing and rational decision makers in the space. Actual traders trading for profit.

Want to trade along? With our legendary level of consistency and experience, there's no reason why you wouldn't want to. We prioritize risk assessment and position management above all. The mission is to guide you along so you can accumulate more Bitcoin, lose less, increase and preserve your portfolio's value while learning proper trading techniques not shared anywhere else.

Compound your gains with us and become one with The 1% Club.

The platoon



“Trading can be a lonesome business but it dosn't have to be. We are here for each other and that kind of foundation is something that money can't buy.”

Crypto Ranger — MarketSpy Trading System originator and educator

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We find opportunities on the charts and share them with you when available. All of the energy is focused on bringing you the best chances to profit from this potent, volatile market.

The Platoon

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The Platoon

We try to look for quality setups only and prioritize risk management over speculative price targets. Willing traders looking for professional trading cyber-space that they can call their home are welcome to join our incredible community and trade among the best. Here, beginner traders go pro and pros go master!

The Platoon

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In this Platoon VIP channel you will find trades devised, conceived and managed exclusively by CryptoRanger - MarketSpy trading system originator and educator with over 8 years of experience trading derivatives. All trades have had a high success rate. The Platoon's residents post winning setups daily! The money is there, just bring your willingness and determination!

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Access to exclusive Platoon member-only streams and Bootcamps. Sit back and enjoy quality hours of high-level, members-only video content.
Learn exclusive strategies, successful trader's psychology and receive mentorship on a more personal level.

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