Momemtum Leader

How can we identify and trade reliable measures of momentum? Just like in algorithmic momentum trading, we require advanced signal processing to eliminate selection bias. Is it a good time enter a trend? Is the trend exhausting? Is there power for continuation? The strongest suite of MarketSpy Momentum Screener X™  is its ability to reduce noise and produce much cleaner signals. We achieve this by identifying certain levels of confluence from MSX's expertly-tuned indicators. The sauce is in the strategy and interpretation.

MarketSpy MSX combines a number of refined momentum indicators to set the stage for a strategy we call The Magnificent 7 or MAG7, for short. This strategy completely neglects traditional ways of using momentum indicators, such as RSI, Awesome Oscillator, Wave Trend and similar by introducing fresh concepts to retail and professional traders about how momentum should be properly interpreted during live trading sessions.

MSX employs a very simple, advanced method of smoothing out noise to print continuation signals based on 7 stages of momentum strength development.

As you can see from the image above, buying oversold signals without confirmation (how the 95% trade) is extremely nerve-wrecking and not profitable. Any system based on such signals will eventually bring your account down to $0. On this 1-minute chart, there was only one safe entry and that's our green arrow. The best part? Used together with  ARmageddon and  DSR, you would've been long and buying before price went into the oversold territory and triggered the MAG7 setup. As a MarketSpy system trader, you will learn what to look for and start making money the first time you get alerted on this setup.

For momentum scalpers, MAG7 is simply a necessity when looking for a reliable entry. For swing and intraday traders, this serves as a continuation signal, not an entry - as you would've been long/buying well before the setup. Trade what you see, MSX doesn't fail.


Consistency and reliability

MAG7 is consistent, works with all candle types and makes MSX a leader in its class of hybrid momentum algorithms. Because if there is no price momentum, every other indicator that you know of today will fail the minute market starts ranging. Thanks to its MAG7 algorithm, MSX is sexier, smarter, most reliable out of them all.

No More Inconsistencies. Go Pro.