The Third Opinion

MarketSpy DSR stands for Dynamic Support & Resistance. But we also refer to at as "Dynamic Sweep & Reversal". This is "the third opinion" module that is used in conjunction with ARmageddon and MSX to consult and find key areas of confluence needed to establish a high-probability directional trade setup. What's included are a mix of classic, most relevant indicators such as the Ichimoku Cloud (with presets for a variety of markets), VWAP, The 50/20 Moving Average combo and CPR. There are a few other hybrid implementations of support and resistance tools based on the most accurate Central Pivot Range and Intraday Inside Range.

The strategies produced using these modified tools are unorthodox and exclusive. The Ichimoku, CPR and Moving Average strategies that come with DSR are unique and serve a specific purpose - to find key support and resistance and provide accurate momentum strength information.

Few know that the Ichimoku cloud, for example, is a momentum indicator and there are better ways of using it to your advantage over the traditional methods. It's far from what you can read about it online. And that's just one component. DSR is pure alpha and you can only understand it once you learn the strategies that are all part of the MarketSpy hybrid trading eco-system.

Alerts to take profit

DSR ships with built-in alerts just like ARmageddon and MSX to notify you when price is at a key level of interest. This sets the stage for a set of principles called Market Ranger™ and helps traders work with pattern recognition methods more effectively. MarketSpy DSR will change the way you look at price action forever. We invite you to join our community to start learning today.

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