Lifetime FREE access to all Bybit Pro features

Bybit Pro

We are proud to announce the launch of Bybit Pro FREE – a new initiative that will allow you to gain free and permanent access to all Bybit Pro features, including the Robopack add-on. To get access to this great opportunity you just need to use our Bybit referral link and let us know your Bybit IDs with a simple form,

After filling in the form with your Bybit IDs created through our referral link our API will identify you as a referral and you will be able to use Bybit Pro with all its features for free.

We are very excited to pivot to a business model where everyone can benefit from it, especially smaller traders who could not justify the price of the Bybit Pro subscription in relation to the size of their trading account.

Now traders of all levels and sizes will be able to use our app for free, thanks to which our business will be able to receive an income from the exhanges. We can then use these resources to expand our features, and improve Bybit Pro for all our users. We believe this is the ideal business model, especially in a bear market like the one we are in right now.

Visit the BYBIT PRO FREE landing page now to learn more and get started!

Stay hydrated – never liquidated 🤖,
MarketSpy Team

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