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In the bitcoin contracts trading space, everybody loves the quick win.


Bybit Pro by MarketSpy is the ultimate trading terminal designed to integrate with TradingView™ and execute limit orders on with lightning speed. By using Bybit Pro, you effectively become a market maker where pays you 0.025% for every trade you make. You will never have to pay another dollar in fees*

Many retail as well as professional traders make the mistake of trading with market buy/sell orders. This costs them huge fees and makes it impossible to stay net positive in their portfolios almost immediately after placing their first such order. Bybit Pro is true to its name – it eliminates all the distractions like funding rate, order book seizure-inducing flashing, default exchange settings that make you lose money, slow page loading and more. Only the essentials are included to give you speed advantage and shape you as an efficient, professional trader from the start. The ability to load MarketSpy from inside Bybit Pro makes it the ultimate combo that beats 98% of existing public strategies and indicators.

Features of the most advanced market-making systems, at your fingertips.

BybitPro is a luxurious privilege that saves you tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by enabling you to trade better, faster and smarter than everyone else while getting the exchange pay YOU at the same time.

What we're offering is unprecedented. How much do you lose in exchange fees using your current setup? Trade from tradingview by placing orders that automatically chase price and exit in profit. It turns you into a human machine.

The key ingredient to profitable trading that you've been missing this whole time - is Bybit Pro.

Together, we'll beat the exchange™.

Outstanding features

Experience price-tracking in real-time to “chase” price with a single limit order with a minimum of 0.5 ticks away from current price, in both directions. The included “close n% of open position size” function allows you to instantly secure profits and reduce risk so you never have to worry about going in the red again. But that's just scratching the surface...

BybitPro uses post-only parameter by default so you can never phat-thumb your orders. It will not allow you to place an order in the wrong direction. There is also no market order button – we don’t pay fees!

  • The most advanced risk calculator in existence automatically tells you how many contracts you’re allowed to trade with based on your predefined take-profit/stop-loss locations. Never over-leverage again and lose a single satoshi. The built-in Risk Pane in BybitPro takes care of your risk, position, loss and profit calculations with a click of a button.
  • Order preview function allows you to see your exact average price when using a ladder-style order set. No more guessing and doing it manually using online calculators. 
  • Live price trackers for ladder-style as well as single-limit trade setup toggle can automatically create a buy/sell range while constantly keeping track of the latest price. You’re always selling and buying in profit no matter what.
  • Connects securely using your ip-address-bound API provided by Bybit for ultimate security and peace of mind. Extracts and launches from your computer's local folder, not cloud. You’re fully in control.
  • Trailing stop and manual market close available if absolutely needed.
  • Ladder history, unrealized P&L, percent of account social sharing - share your trades with the world!
  • Sound notifications let you know when your position opened/closed/cancelled!
  • Multi-account support - risk and position management is our game, play to win using multiple accounts!
  • Constantly updated. You can rely on its performance with zero-lag, zero-freezes and a tiny memory footprint when running. New features get added regularly to help you BEAT THE EXCHANGE™.

An Enormous Advantage

BybitPro Introduces Real-Time Price Chaser (not the same as price-tracker): 

Available to BybitPro subscribers, this is the only publicly accessible advanced implementation of a special limit-order type of position management feature. Sophisticated market-making firms spend tens of thousands of dollars to have this kind of privilege. This feature automatically places and removes orders for you. But there are so many other features that put every other trading terminal to shame, that you have to try it to believe it!

Sit back and watch your positions exit in profit all with limit-only orders. Price chaser is a game changer. No other platform currently offers this and if they do in the near future, remember who brought it to you first. Bybit Pro is a revolution and now you can be a part of it, too.

Trade with confidence, trade professionally.

The secret formula for timing perfect trade entries and exits.


Professional trade execution and management for bybit.

Did you know?

If you ever use the "market-buy button" to execute orders using your trading style even once, then you're off to a bad start. You're instantly in the minus due to spread and fees.

The only way that you'll ever be profitable is if you always use limit pending orders only and are able to execute those limit orders with lighting speed. Bybit Pro is the complete solution designed with that in mind. It's designed to outperform and beat the exchange.

Reduce risk exposure by quickly taking profit using live price-tracker and price-chaser with limit orders at a click of a button. Or cast a ladder to get best-average price for your next entry or exit. The possibilities a endless. The best part?

Bybit pays you 0.025% on your position when you trade professionally this way!

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  • Bybit Pro by MarketSpy
  • Bybit Pro Discord Community 
  • Winning Strategies and Tutorials 
  • Save hundreds of thousand in exchange fees

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