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Our affiliates are proud to share their joy and promote the MarketSpy Trading System™  as one of the industry-leading products for Forex, Crypto, Derivatives and Commodities trading. Ask our members about how their trading has changed with MarketSpy — we’ve earned top recognition from traders around the globe with hundreds of happy users utilizing this complete, easy-to-use trend analysis system that delivers the desired results regardless of your level of expertise with the markets.

Join us today on our mission to lead everyone on a path to profitable trading.

Affiliate Tiers

Earn up to 25% commission on each sale you bring. Simple & straight.

affiliate tier 1

Junior Ranger

Requeriments : 0 - 9 referrals
Comission per sale: 15%   

affiliate tier 2

Senior Ranger

Requeriments : 10 - 19 referrals
Comission per sale: 20%   

affiliate tier 3

Spy Ranger

Requeriments : >20 referrals
Comission per sale: 25%   


How does it work?

Anyone can join the MarketSpy affiliate program. In fact, you don’t even need to be a MarketSpy trader to promote MarketSpy. Get started today in three easy steps

affiliate tiers
#1 Join our program!

The application to our Affiliate Program is quick and easy – click the link below to start.

#2 Spread the word!

To earn that sweet commission, all you need to do is start sharing the custom link we send you in all the right places.

#3 Earn!

We send you up to 25% commission for every person who signs up to trade with MarketSpy through your affiliate link.


What makes a great affiliate?

Use any promo materials from the affiliate area and request additional branding assets.
Use your affiliate link on a coupon, promo, or deal site as well as adult, dating or any site that promotes illegal content.
Attach your affiliate link to any kind of MarketSpy related content/review or vendor comparison that reflects your opinion.
Use «MarketSpy» in your domain/personal branding.
Promote MarketSpy on your social media channels.
Send your referral links in unsolicited email batches.
Place approved MarketSpy banners on your site to generate more traffic.
Refer your own account to get commissions.

Our commissions are some of the highest in the whole space – so what are you waiting for, apply today!

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