Dragonskin is our winning trend-continuation strategy and it relies on ARmageddon to find points of interest where we can buy in to ride the trend as it develops. This is ideal for those that miss initial entries during early-stage strategies such as Mag7 and Punchout. Please refer to the below cheatsheet for the perfect dragon skin visualization.


The sequence to validate a perfect Dragonskin setup is this:

  1. Price rebounds off of a level of support (Use DSR to find those)
  2. Price reclaims baseline 1
  3. Market starts to trend up and maintains a 45* degree angle.
  4. MSX blue momentum wave X will cross momentum Y and produce a RED C-Dot (confirmation dot)
  5. ARmagedon will print a Red Diamond/Yellow Flag, we refer to this is a CHECKPOINT, this is out first wave up and we can allow up to a maximum of 4 after which price is likely to correct deeper.
  6. Entry at checkpoint, scaled into the EMA Dragon ribbon.
  7. Price will now continue to trend with the sentiment of the market and you have a great entry point even if yopu missed the first wave.

As always, we have the bearish equivalent with a slightly different sequence that supports downtrends.

Dragonskin is one of the easiest and most beginner friendly strategiews in the MarketSapy ecosystems and is suitable for all types of traders, from scalpers, to intraday trend-riders! Please join our discord and chat with our traders that have successfully utilized this strategy to make money both ways!

This concludes this introductory tutorial for the Dragonskin strategy. See you around!