Now you really have an edge.

MarketSpy is a directional discretionary-systematic hybrid trading system. The model is commonly used by hedge funds whose job is to analyze market movements, trends, inefficiencies and inconsistencies and apply the gathered information to trade currencies, futures, contracts and other investment vehicles. With MarketSpy, you're offered a suite of proprietary indicators that, once loaded in your TradingView, will scan price action  and alert you upon finding a profitable trade setup that you can then choose to participate in. You supply discretion and our system responds with a systematic trading method. Simple.

It's better than trading with a bot system.

MarketSpy ships with three modules that are called ARmageddon, DSR and MSX. Combined together, they produce a set of replicable strategies under the umbrella name "Market Enemy". It is called that, because these strategies pose a threat to those that trade against you: the exchange, the broker and their bots. This strategy allows you to "blend-in" with market-makers ensuring that you're rarely wrong about the direction of the next tick. MarketSpy is suitable for power scalpers, swing traders and can be used as a stand-alone "market mood" analysis tool to find the next best trade.

Trade Stress-free

Easy to understand signals and top-tier education.

MarketSpy is perhaps the easiest system to pick up for beginners and at the same time, sophisticated enough to satisfy the needs of professionals. It is heavily focused on trading psychology and risk management and is designed in a way that will influence you to trade smarter, without FOMO.

Trade Efficiently

Optimized to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

MarketSpy augments price action with valuable information to help you make informative investment and trade decisions without the need to have multiple monitors and tons of underperforming indicators. It doesn't care about what your favorite analyst thinks or what fundamentals are moving the market. MarketSpy is there to report structural market changes that you can profit from, before they happen. 

Trade Strategically

Market Enemy™ strategies for a new breed of traders.

 Even though some of the components use lagging indicators, such as moving averages, it matters not as the accompanying strategies take advantage of their characteristics to produce high-probability replicable results that you can rely on. No other system comes close - these strategies are brought to you by a team of CTRM professionals that specialize in building models for commodity trading firms. MarketSpy gifts you confidence and shows you new ways of looking at price data. We trade differently and you will love it, too.


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