The Robopack is now free – here’s how to unlock it

Bybit Pro

How do you eat a bitcoin?

With a megabyte.

Jokes aside, we have something else you can eat: exchange fees. The latest and the greatest automation addon for BybitPro – The Robopack, allows you to do just that. It is now offered as a free subscription exclusively to our affiliated members.

Follow the steps below to unlock The Robopack.

If you didn’t KYC:

1. Register a new account with with a fresh email by clicking on our partner link:
2. Visit and fill out the form.

If you have KYC:

1. Send this message in an email to from your current KYC’d bybit account’s email:

“Hello Joseph, I agree and would like to transfer my KYC account to be affiliated under CR, Partner number 2443. Please assist.”

2. Visit and fill out the form.

This email must be sent from your current non-affiliated trading account ID.
Email must match your UID (user id) in bybit’s system!

…and you’re done! The best just keeps on getting better. 🚀 Don’t forget to take advantage of the limited-time Cyber Monday sale while supplies last.

Happy trading and if you have any questions, please ask to be assisted inside of our


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