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Bybit Pro - Bybit Tools and advanced trading bot terminal for cryptocurrencies

Trade better, smarter, faster on Bybit

Bybit Pro by MarketSpy formely Bybit Tools is the ultimate trading terminal designed to integrate with TradingView™ and execute limit orders on with lightning speed. By using Bybit Pro, you effectively become a market maker where you  save on fees for every trade you make. With Bybit's new VIP system you can get up to 0% fees on your limit orders.*


Many retail as well as professional traders make the mistake of trading with market buy/sell orders. This costs them huge fees and makes it impossible to stay net positive in their portfolios almost immediately after placing their first such order. Bybit Pro is true to its name – it eliminates all the distractions like funding rate, order book seizure-inducing flashing, default exchange settings that make you lose money, slow page loading and more. Only the essentials are included to give you speed advantage and shape you as an efficient, professional trader from the start. The ability to load MarketSpy from inside Bybit Pro makes it the ultimate combo that beats 98% of existing public strategies and indicators.

personal trading assistant for crypto

The secret formula for timing perfect trade entries and exits.

In the bitcoin contracts trading space, everybody loves the quick win.

Ladder Entry

Create a buy/sell range while constantly keeping track of the latest price.

Limit Orders

Sit back and watch your positions exit in profit all with limit-only orders.

Chaser Orders

This feature automatically places and removes orders for you. Seems magic.

Limit TP

Automatically create reduce only orders at the price you want to take profit as a limit order.


With the webviews functionality, you can use any charting app or URL that you want inside the app by placing them in different tabs.

One Click Templates

OCT are a quick way to apply multiple actions with a click of a button or a keyboard hotkey. Trade at the speed of light (or close to it).

Smart Inputs

The smart inputs let you set the value for TP, SL or other distances based on ATR, Delta, Percentage or the classic absolute price.

Move SL

Thanks to the Move Stop Loss feature you can create a trailing stop that will only activate when orders are filled.

Better Entry price

The ladder order algorithm automatically creates multiple limit orders across a user-determined price range or ATR, providing our traders with control over the diversity and distribution of orders giving them a better average entry price.

Ladder entry

Low Fees

The only way that you'll ever be profitable is if you always use limit pending orders only and are able to execute those limit orders with lighting speed. Bybit Pro is the complete solution designed with that in mind. It's designed to outperform and beat the exchange.

Limit Orders

Change The Game

This feature automatically places and removes orders for you. Sit back and watch your positions exit in profit all with limit-only orders. Price chaser is a game changer. No other platform currently offers this and if they do in the near future, remember who brought it to you first.

Chaser Orders

Fully integrated with

...and much more.

No more fees

By using Bybit Pro VIP program, you effectively can become a market maker with the possibility of having fees as low as 0%. You will save a ton of dollars in fees.

Live price tracker

Live price trackers for ladder-style as well as single-limit trade setup toggle can automatically create a buy/sell range while constantly keeping track of the latest price.

Risk Panel

The built-in Risk Pane in Bybit Pro takes care of your risk, position, loss and profit calculations with a click of a button.

Tradingview chart

Bybit Pro is the ultimate trading terminal designed to integrate with TradingView™ including a webview to your chart, allowing you to use custom indicators like MarketSpy TradingSuite™.

Preview mode

Order preview function allows you to see your exact average price when using a ladder-style order set. No more guessing and doing it manually using online calculators.

Multi account*

Two account by default, with the possibility to expand  tp up to three accounts totally free if you register them with our affiliate link.

unlock the beast

The Robopack, a brand new Add-On for Bybit Pro.

Free for our affiliated members! The latest addition to Bybit Pro, Robopack, is here. Unleash the full potential of Bybit Pro with the Robopack Add-On and get access to new tools such as the Market Maker tab, Chaser auto-restart or the Webhooks. With these new tools you will be able to follow new strategies and have the competitive advantage against the market, as we always do at MarketSpy.

Market Maker

Market Maker form is a way to provide liquidity to the market. It consists of two ladder forms, one for buying, and the other for selling.

Chaser auto restart

With chaser auto restart you can restart chaser functionality every time the order it's filled, this way you can size up your position size while the price moves.


With the power of webhooks, your imagination is the limit. Always wanted to automate trades through alerts in Tradingview indicators?
Now you can.

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